When you hear the word depression, what words come into your mind? Hopeless, sadness, isolation, lack of motivation, sense of worthlessness and so on. We could go to an endless list of words related to depression. There is no meaning for anything, you lose your sense of humour, no longer do you feel motivated to do the things you used to enjoy. You may also think, I am better off disconnected from everyone, perhaps things will not get worse, I am protected here with this depression, not knowing that it will get terribly bad.

There is a misunderstanding around depression, We all face adversities in life. No one is immune. I would say that we all are wired, equipped in different ways. I am referring here to our own distinctive personality. Some people seem to be more vulnerable to depression than others because of the characteristics of their personality. Those who worry a lot, with low self-worth, a high degree of perfectionism, and who are self-critical, are more likely to get depressed.

There are theories indicating that genes and environment are factors that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to a person’s ability to cope with difficulties and major life events, like the death of a loved one, relationship breakdown, life-threating diseases etc.

Someone who, for example, is experiencing the loss of a relative might find as the time passes by over weeks or months that he is unable to carry on life the way he used to. The loss has had an impact on his life that made him unable to function, Whilst, for someone else who is experiencing the same situation goes through the grieving process of loss, experience sadness, anger and hopelessness, but gradually recovers his day-to-day activities.

If you are reading my blog right now and you are struggling with coming to terms with past painful events or current ones, give yourself a chance and allow yourself to recognize that you cannot do it by yourself. It is perfectly fine to ask for help. I would like to invite you to give yourself a chance. You may be thinking that there is not point trying.

Allow me to help you to build resilience by connecting with your inner strengths and working with what is causing your difficulties.